BOA Exhaust Components

Exhaust Components

With BOA components, manufacturers meet continuously stricter emission requirements.

Modern automotive manufacturing requires exhaust systems with gastight flexible connecting elements, which provide high endurance and corrosion resistance as well as a maximum vibration decoupling performance in order to increase vehicle comfort.

Product applications

  • Highly Flexible Metal Hoses
    For compensation of large axial, angular and lateral motion as well as for decoupling of engine vibration and high acoustic comfort.
  • Self-supporting Decoupling Joint
    A robust and cost effective alternative for compensation of angular motion combined with good decoupling performance of engine vibration.
  • Thermal Compensators
    For compensation of stresses caused by varying thermal expansion rates
  • High Frequency Damper “HFD”
    For damping high frequency vibration after the turbo-charger

The BOA Group is one of the market leaders for exhaust system decoupling.  We have developed a state of the art knowledge base, engineering tools, and testing systems over many years that allow us to quickly produce solutions specifically designed for the automotive industry.

What can we do for you?

The BOA Group offers customized flexible elements for environmentally friendly exhaust gas aftertreatment in heavy vehicles, agricultural and construction machinery. Do you need our support to develop your individual solution?

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Products for Exhaust Systems

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