BOA Fuel Systems & Side Components

Fuel Systems & Side Components

The BOA Group offers components and modules for automotive applications such as

  • Fuel injection
  • High pressure pumps
  • Actuators
  • Air conditioning
  • Active vehicle protection systems
  • Connecting and decoupling of construction components such as turbocharger, diesel particulate filter, etc.

Flexible and semi-flexible metal hoses, corrugated bellows, bellows and welded pipe assemblies are being used increasingly in automotive, truck, and off road applications. 

BOA products are used for the transport of liquids or gases, in air cooling systems, as sealing elements and are also used to compensate for volume and length as well as in heating and safety systems.  BOA products can be integrated as components for complex assemblies and systems. 

BOA products are individually designed for each customer / application and produced with advanced manufacturing technologies.

Product applications:

BOA mini bellows for fuel injection and high pressure pump
  • Precision mini bellows for fuel injection and high pressure pumps
  • Capsules for high pressure pumps
  • Fuel and air condition hoses
  • Bellows for blow off valves
  • Welded tube constructions for heating systems
  • Bellows assemblies for pedestrian protection

Typical media handled:
Fuel, diesel, oil, ethanol, water, liquefied/gaseous CO2, exhaust gas

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Products for Fuel Systems & Side Components

BOA mini precision bellows

Mini Bellows
The precision mini bellows are the smallest products...

Fuel and Air Condition Hoses

Fuel and Air Condition Hoses
are flexible, corrosion resistant, ...

BOA Welded Tube Constructions

Welded Tube Construction
and special welding connections are...

BOA capsule for high pressure pump

Capsules for High Pressure Pump
compensate volume changes...

Bellows for blow off valves

Bellows for Blow Off Valves
compensate high stroke, ...

BOA Bellows for Pedestrian Protection

Bellows for Pedestrian Protection
are thin walled, single or multiplied bellows, ...