BOA Group

BOA History


Founding of Henri Ehrmann & Co.
a factory for metal cartridges in Karlsruhe / Germany

Factory for metal cartridges 1872


Patent for "flexible metal tubes with beading folds" (convolutions)
Production of bellows and metal hoses for industrial applications
First ever manufacturer of seamless corrugated tubes in the world


Production of hoses under licence from Titeflex
First expansion joints made of steel instead of tombac
Production range expanded to include metal hoses, metal bellows, expansion joints and apparatus for heating industry.

1945 - 1949

Renaming in "Industriewerke Karlsruhe AG" (IWK)
Patent for the production of warmly formed steel bellows

Industriewerke Karlsruhe AG 1972


Merger with the company Keller & Knappich in Augsburg / Germany
Company renamed "Industriewerke Karlsruhe Augsburg" (IWKA)
Divisions: Textile Technology, Expansion Joints and Controls, Packaging Machines, Municipal Vehicles, Welding Machines, Mechanical Machine Tools, Military Technology, Pressing and Drawing Technology


Founding of "IWK Regler und Kompensatoren GmbH"
(Control Systems and Expansion Joints)
Relocation of the production plant to Stutensee-Blankenloch near Karlsruhe
Products: Control units, measurement devices, expansion joints, metal bellows and metal hoses


Acquisition of
Tubest S.A. in Fère en Tardenois / France, manufacturer of flexible metal hoses and
SFZ in Chassieu near Lyon / France, manufacturer of expansion joints


Acquisition of
BOA AG located in Rothenburg / Switzerland
as well as all subsidiaries and shareholdings in the USA, the Netherlands, France, etc.
Manufacturer of expansion joints, metal bellows and metal hoses
Founding of IWKA Regler und Kompensatoren Vertriebs GmbH in Quedlinburg / Germany
Production of metal hose assemblies

BOA AG Switzerland 1990


The Control Systems Division was sold to the Danish Danfoss Group

IWK Regler und Kompensatoren GmbH 2000


Renaming of "IWK Regler und Kompensatoren GmbH" in
IWKA Balg- und Kompensatorentechnologie GmbH"
(Bellows and Expansion Joints Technology)


Acquisition of shares in the company Famas S.A. in Lodz / Poland
Production of metal hose assemblies.


Founding of IWKA South Africa (Pty) Ltd. in Port Elizabeth / South Africa

Manufacturer of metal hoses for exhaust systems


The IWKA AG (Holding) sells IWKA BKT with all subsidiaries and shareholdings to the German Private Equity company "Odewald Compagnie für Beteiligungen mbH" in Berlin
Renaming IWKA BKT GmbH in BOA BKT GmbH
Founding of the BOA Holding GmbH as the Holding company
for the entire BOA Group


Founding of two new sales offices:
"BBA Kompensatoren und Rohrleitungstechnik Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH" in Vienna / Austria and
"BBA Kompenzátory s.r.o." in Pilsen / Czech Republic


Founding of BOA (Shanghai) Bellows Technology Ltd. in China

BOA (Shanghai) Bellows Technology Ltd. 2008


Renaming of Tubest Flexible Solutions S.A.
in BOA Flexible Solutions S.A.S.
Founding of BOA Flexible Solutions Ltd. in Chertsey/UK
AEA Investors LP becomes new shareholder of the BOA Group


Acquisition of Flexial Corp. located in Cookeville/TN, USA

Flexial Corp. 2011


Founding of BOA (Romania) Bellows Technology SRL in Romania
Transfer of production from BOA AG in Switzerland to the BOA Group production sites in Germany, France and Romania
Opening new Sales & Engineering Excellence Center in Switzerland
Relocation from BOA Flexible Solutions S.A.S. from Fère-en-Tardonois to a new production facility in Château-Thierry

BOA (Romania) Bellows Technology SRL 2014


Relocation of BOA Nederland BV to a bigger production facility to meet the growing demand for its’ products in the high purity sector.

BOA Nederland Tilburg 2015