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Quality Management

Every company and every industry is talking about quality in different ways.

But ISO9000, ISO/TS 16949, AS9100 as well as the environmental standard ISO 14001 are not simply Quality Management Systems, but are in fact the collection of the world’s knowledge on best practices to run a design and manufacturing business.

The employees of BOA concentrate all their efforts on reaching maximum consensus with the expectations of the customers, on achieving future needs and therefore, ensuring first class quality in engineering, product realization process and service. In achieving the different restrictions the company has an ideal platform which helps following ambitious goals like a quality oriented company strategy. The necessary pursuit of continuous improvement in all sectors follows one big goal:

The consequent increase of customer satisfaction!

Increasing the customer satisfaction however means to realize all potentials for improvement in reference to the factors of quality, expenses and time. One of the most important potentials of our company is the know-how, ideas, and quality of our employees.

Process and customer oriented quality assurance
Quality Management at BOA

Our definition of the Quality Management System at the BOA Group

Process orientation, customer orientation, employee orientation - In addition to the know-how and the ideas of our employees, these terms are part of the essential potential of the BOA Group. Therewith, we are able to be a competent partner for our customers, continuously supporting innovation and creativity on a basis of transparent processes.

The BOA Group Mentality

The importance of advanced quality planning gets clear when comparing the origin and the removal of mistakes during the product life cycle. 75% of all mistakes originate in the first three phases of the value chain. Whereas 80% are detected in the testing and application phase where they are deleted or repaired. The rough rule indicates that avoiding a mistake in a phase within the value chain costs 10 times less than eliminating the fault in the next phase. Because of this, our advance planning team controls the product development process by using measures and standardized quality techniques like FMEA, APQP etc., because:

                                         Quality occurs in the head!

Our Assurance of Your Quality

Error avoidance instead of error detection, because: Testing costs money!
Because of this, our testing processes only serve as assurance for the expected product quality. We aspire to keep the expenses as low as possible and therefore we configure them to a customer orientation. At BOA quality is planned, not tested!

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Common Industry Codes

  • ASME Section VIII, Division 1
  • ASME B31.1
  • ASME B31.3
  • AD Merkblatt, B13
  • Codap 2000
  • EN 13445 (Chap. 14 for PED compliance)
  • EN 14917
  • IGC
  • Stoomwezen