10 PPM Quality Achievement from DAF-PACCAR


BOA Balg- und Kompensatoren-Technologie GmbH, headquarters of the BOA Group, one of the leading manufacturers of flexible metal decoupling systems for acoustic, thermal and vibration decoupling in Automotive, Industrial and Aerospace applications, was awarded with the 10 PPM Quality Achievement from DAF-PACCAR.

After another successful year 2016 in the partnership between DAF-PACCAR and BOA BKT, which was confirmed by a 0 PPM rate in deliveries to the DAF plant in Eindhoven/NL and the PACCAR plant in Columbus/USA, the company proudly accepted this award. By delivering about 70,000 EGR piping systems for the MX11 and the MX13 engine this goal was only possible due to a systematic and an excellently structured advanced quality planning. With only one single defective piece it would have been impossible to achieve a delivery performance of < 10 PPM.

Guenter Debatin, plant manager of BOA BKT, states: “Already in 2010 the first pre-conditions for this success were created. Across all process steps all involved employees contributed to this success with great commitment. After receiving the 50 PPM Award in 2015 our efforts were again rewarded and we are motivated to achieve this goal again in 2017.”