BOA Group on Mars

BOA Group on Mars

Aerospace Division – After nine months of voyage, the Mars Rover „Curiosity“ landed on Mars to seek evidence of whether the planet could have supported life.

The BOA subsidiary Flexial, located in Cookeville/Tennessee, designed and built flexible elements for this program. Together with the NASA Flexial developed devices and accumulators to compensate thermal expansion as the temperature during the trip could range from -150 degrees to potentially
more than 100 degrees on Mars.

The BOA Group equipped “Curiosity” with

  • Thermal Isolator Bellows – Part of “Curiosity’s” mass spectrometer used to evaluate soil samples for signs of life
  • Feed-Through Bellows – Mounted on the rover itself
  • Accumulator – used on an integrated pump assembly on the capsule which transports the rover to Mars
  • Accumulator – used on an integrated pump assembly on the actual rover itself
  • Thermal Actuator – used in the pump assembly on the rover

The BOA Group, with its 20 subsidiaries and shareholdings in 11 countries, develops, manufactures and distributes worldwide stainless steel components for motor management, exhaust systems and side components for the automotive industry. For industrial customers BOA produces high-tight and flexible elements of stainless steel for applications in the energy sector and in plant construction, for vacuum technology as well as aerospace applications.