BOA Group wins new contract with BMW

BOA Group wins new contract with BMW

Stutensee, Germany:  BOA Group, a leading provider of flexible components for bridging and securing demanding environments is pleased to announce the signing of a major contract with BMW.  The contract is for the supply of 5 different low pressure EGR pipes for the B47TOP 35UP, B47OL 35UP, B37LK, B47OL LK and B47TOP LK engine series.

This is the first contract that BOA Group has signed directly with BMW.  The components will be supplied to BMW via Steyr in Austria and BMW facilities in North America and China. 

BOA was selected for the contract on the basis of its’ engineering solutions and operational expertise, particularly around brazing technology.

The start of production for each component is phased from Q4 2015 through Q1 2017, and peak production is expected to exceed 150,000 pieces per year.  Each programme will last for 4 years.

Commenting on the contract, Thomas Kraus, VP Business Development BOA Group, stated, “We are absolutely delighted to have secured this direct supply contract with BMW.  BOA has strong engineering capabilities for product development and innovation in EGR systems and we are delighted to be developing our established relationship with BMW.”