BOA Group won VW MQB A1 project in China

BOA Group won VW MQB A1 project in China

BOA Group, one of the leading manufacturers of flexible metal decoupling systems for acoustic, thermal and vibration decoupling in Automotive, Industrial and Aerospace applications, has received a major order from Volkswagen China for developing and supplying Exhaust System Flex hoses for the MQB A1 platform, the biggest SVW/FAW platform in the Chinese market.

From 2017 to 2025 the BOA Group will deliver annually 600.000 Flex hoses, equipping different passenger car models like VW Lavida, VW Sagitar, VW Bora, Skoda Octavia and Audi A3.

“This has been the largest order for Exhaust System Flex hoses that we have accomplished so far at our production site in Shanghai, China. We are very proud that our customer puts his trust in the quality and advantages of our solutions. It is a further step in developing our good partnership with Volkswagen Group, also on the Chinese market. BOA Group has excellent engineering capabilities and is motivated to use them to best support our customers,” says Thomas Kraus, Vice President Business Development Automotive at BOA Group.

BOA EnduroFlex® systems are developed to realize longer  run-times in combination with a space and weight reduced function in highly demanding exhaust systems for passenger car and truck applications. The combination of different materials with innovative design allows weight reduction of single components up to 30%; the production of these special bellows could be made possible only with our innovative production methods. At the same time a multiplication of life span with run-times of more than 1.000.000 kilometers could be realized due to optimizing the decoupling characteristics.

BOA Group has been active in China since 2008 and doubled the size of the production site in Shanghai Pudong in 2014.