BOA launches Ultra High Pressure hose for Industrial Gas Applications

BOA launches Ultra High Pressure hose for Industrial Gas Applications

Chateau Thierry, France:  BOA, a leading provider of flexible components for bridging and securing demanding environments, is proud to announce a new range of Ultra High Pressure hoses.

The ‘BOA Duo UHP ‘ product range is a high quality, strip-wound, stainless steel hose which has been designed specifically to meet the demanding applications of the ultra-high pressure industrial gas market.  Subjected to the most stringent testing conditions, the performance of BOA Duo UHP has been proven to exceed the highest safety standards defined in the industry.  

Traditionally, the Ultra High Pressure hose market has been served by braided PTFE hose products, which are susceptible to both product degradation and gas permeation as well as requiring heat sinks to cope with the heat generated during adiabatic compression.  The new BOA Duo UHP range, strip-wound and manufactured from high quality grade 316Ti stainless steel offers a completely safe, zero-leakage alternative solution for the market.  The BOA Duo UHP range has excellent performance characteristics for both combustible and non-combustible gases at very high cylinder pressures – up to 310 Bar, and has been subjected to a test safety factor of 4 times. In addition strip-wound hoses offer high resistance to tensile and transverse forces and high levels of chemical and thermal stability.

The primary application for the BOA Duo UHP range is for connecting gas cylinders to the customers’ own systems.  However, it is also robust enough to be used for cylinder filling applications, where the filling process subjects the hoses to much more severe use and mechanical stresses.

An additional, and very significant, benefit of the manufacturing process is that BOA Duo UHP hoses are explosion-proof.  This feature offers very substantial safety advantages over other hose products and contributes significantly to the achievement of health and safety standards and “safety-first” operating procedures both on end-users sites, and for operators in filling plants.

In use, the BOA Duo UHP range is also extremely flexible and practical  offering user benefits of long life, pressure resistance, safety and improved handling but with substantially simplified ease of use when connecting and disconnecting when comparted to conventional ‘pigtail’ connections.  Taking advantage of our high purity facility BOA can also offer hoses that are internally as clean as pigtails.

Commenting on the new Product range Thomas Kraus, VP Business Development for BOA said. ‘We are delighted to bring this exciting new product to the market place.  The new BOA Duo UHP range offers our customers an extremely wide combination of benefits which had previously been unavailable from a single product in the marketplace.  The use of BOA Duo UHP hoses will ensure safe and secure handling of high pressure gases both for filling applications and in daily use.’


BOA Duo UHP – at a glance

  • Ultra High Pressure Strip Wound Hose for Industrial Gas applications
  • Operating pressures up to 310 bar / 4,410 psi with a safety factor of 4.
  • Leak proof.  No issues with gas permeation.
  • Explosion proof.
  • Proven to exceed industry test standards.
  • High resistance to chemicals, detergents and solvents
  • High temperature stability (up to 550 °C/1020 °F)
  • Small bend radius at maximum volumes of flow
  • Low volumetric expansion at maximum working pressure
  • Helical profile reduces the ‘whistling’ effects associated with high pressure gas systems