Exhaust gas tightness for over 1 million kilometers

BOA EnduroFlex

BOA-EnduroFlex: the perfect decoupling element

Extreme longevity, 100% tightness, perfect absorption of assembly tolerances in the exhaust gas system and small  thermal losses – today’s exhaust gas lines are most requiring on metal hoses and decoupling elements. With EnduroFlex, BOA heavy vehicles offers a perfect solution that ensures a service life of more than 1 million kilometers.

Essential for advanced emission control

Tucked away in the exhaust system an apparently insignificant component connects the motor side part of the exhaust pipe to the exhaust after-treatment system. Previously, these flexible, strip wound stainless steel hoses were not gas tight and were noticed only in case of failure. Today, this connection is crucial, because regulations such as Euro5 / Euro6 and technologies such as SCR catalysts in combination with AdBlue® injection and diesel particle filters are time-consuming and expensive – and it can only be protected from costly damages by permanently leak-tight metal hoses and decoupling elements.

A responsible task having been solved by Rolf Janssen, head of the newly established Commercial Vehicle Business Division at BOA: „Thanks to our hydraulically formed multilayer metal bellows, sophisticated product design and up-to-date metrological methods, in which the movements in the exhaust system can be optimally analysed, our metal hoses and decoupling elements of type "BOA-EnduroFlex" reach a service life of over 1 million kilometers.

Market leader with growth potential

„On the important North American market, we are the market leader today“, says George Salzer, Business Unit Manager of BOA automotive. In Europe, he still sees significant growth potential. „Amongst our clients are not only truck and bus manufacturers but also more and more manufacturers of tractors, agricultural machinery, as well as of special vehicles." BOA, one of the biggest globally active manufacturer of metal bellows, metal hoses and expansion joints, emerged from the former IWKA Group and employs approximately 1.100 people worldwide. The headquarters of the BOA Group is in Stutensee near Karlsruhe.

Salzer continues: "Actually, we make sure that environmentally harmful exhaust gases do not escape without being cleaned from leaking or damaged flexible lines, but really reach the after-treatment system – and this in the long run!"